Harbor Ridge Common Areas, Parking Lot & Access Driveways

community-shots-25All Common Areas

All common areas of the community are areas belonging to the HR Owners Association but are not intended for any recreational use. Likewise, no signs of any kind may be placed on any common property including, but not limited to “For Sale”, “Open House”, or “Yard/Attic Sale” signs.

Owners seeking exceptions for sign placement in any common area must seek approval from the Harbor Ridge Board of Directors.

Parking Lot/Other Parking Areas/Access Driveways

The common access parking lot, park areas and access driveways are great assets for the association members, their families and guests. This land is permanently set aside to provide a form of recreation and is an essential part of the community concept. These common areas are owned by the association and maintained with assessments paid to the association by its members for the enjoyment and benefit of all residents and their guests. The maintenance of these areas depends on the cooperation of each association member, and is only partially ensured through the official activities of the association and the conscientious efforts of residents.

 1. All plants and topsoil are to be undisturbed.

2. No refuse or garbage is to be discarded on any common areas.

3. No items of any type or kind may be kept or stored in/on any common areas.

4. Motor driven vehicles are restricted to community roads, parking lots and the lake access driveway.

5. Private property bordering any common area is to be respected; children or animals should not be allowed to stray onto private property without permission of the owners.

6. Pet droppings must be removed from common areas and disposed of properly at the owner’s home; local animal control laws are to be observed.

7. Persons using the common areas must refrain from loud and boisterous activity in deference to nearby homeowners.

8. Boat slips located at the community lake access lot are for the use of property owners, their families and guests.

9. Storage spaces within the community storage lot are limited to property owners who have completed a rental agreement.community-shots-26

 Pavilion on the Lake Access Lot

The Pavilion located on the Lake Access property is the major amenity within Harbor Ridge. The Pavilion is for the use of all property owners, their families and guests. Picnics, Barbeques, family gatherings, and various parties can all make use of the Pavilion. The condition and maintenance of this amenity are dependent on the cooperation of all who use it.

Property owners planning a private gathering of twenty-five or more people may reserve the Pavilion on a first-come, first-served basis.  A Reservation Application with guidelines is available within the ‘Documents’ section on our web site or by contacting Harbor Ridge Pavilion Liaison, Bob Maier at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  A confirmed reservation requires a $50 damage/cleaning deposit, which will be refunded upon a satisfactory inspection of the area following the gathering.

Smaller gatherings of property owners do not require a reservation, but they should check to determine the pavilion’s reservation status.  A ‘Pavilion Reservation Calendar’ is available on our website in the ‘Owners Only Section’ which has reserved dates highlighted in red.

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